What to Consider for Kosher Catering and Your High Holiday Events

18 September 2019
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

When you begin preparing for the Jewish High Holiday season you will likely have several events on your calendar. These events include many celebrations that require food and gatherings. Though you can cook for every occasion, there are some events that may be too large for you to feel comfortable handling on your own. This means finding a catering company that can handle your Kosher needs. Here are a few things you need to consider for Kosher catering and finding the right caterer for you:

Food Preparation

One of the first things to consider when you begin looking for Kosher catering is how the food is prepared. The catering company may have the ideal menu, but if it is not prepared in a Kosher kitchen there could be some issues for your guests. Make sure that the company does offer Kosher food preparation, such as a separate area for cooking meat and dairy. If you are unsure if they offer this, ask to visit their Kosher kitchen. They should allow you to view their setup for food preparation to determine if they are in fact Kosher for your needs.

Food Sourcing

You may want to ensure that the food sources are also Kosher and kept Kosher. For example, you may have a Kosher meat product. When you ask about the sourcing, you ideally would want something locally sourced and possibly organic. This would ensure that it is kept Kosher throughout the process from slaughter to food preparation and finally to the table. The sourcing, if not local, should be easy to track and ensure that the meat was not tainted by an item that is not Kosher. The catering company should be able to provide this information for you.

Shabbat Observances

If the event falls on the Jewish sabbath of Shabbat, you will need to ensure that the Shabbat observances are kept by the catering company. This means that they will have the food on warmers, that electricity is used prior to Shabbat starting, and that other observances are kept as well. For example, a table set up for the Shabbat candles as well as the challah bread and wine. 

When you have narrowed down your specific needs for Kosher catering and the High Holidays, contact your local caterers. They can help you with the options they have. They can also discuss specific menus you may have in mind. If you need to have specific menu items, you can discuss those during a consultation. They will help you with prices and food delivery as well.