Here's Why You Should Choose Organic Catering For Your Wedding

16 September 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

At any wedding, the dinner that bonds your two families together should be as unique and memorable as the event itself. Of course, figuring out how to craft a special menu that everyone will love is often easier said than done. One catch-all option that's increasing in popularity lately is organic food. Offering quality, taste, nutrition and more, organic food is available across numerous cuisines, so you can customise your wedding menu to suit you and your guests. Most people know the multiple benefits of eating organic food in everyday life, but here's why it makes a great option for weddings too.

1. First impressions matter

Ever heard the saying, "you eat with your eyes"? While the food has to be tasty and memorable, the way it looks matters just as much. Organic wedding catering skips out on the chemicals, offering you ingredients in their natural form. This tends to create a vibrant and earthy look that instantly catches your guest's eyes. And, once your guests find out that the whole menu is organic, their interests are sure to be piqued in a way that everyday prawn cocktails and steak can't accomplish. Since organic ingredients are often locally sourced, they also tend to match the season, creating a cohesive look between your menu and your wedding's venue and décor.

2. It shows you care

Wedding catering can often seem impersonal, particularly when you have a large guest list. Catering for dozens or even hundreds of people means guest preferences often need to be ignored — but choosing organic food for your wedding is one way to show you do care about everyone in attendance. Organic food sends a message that you care about your guests' health, bodies, and environments, and that you're sending them as many well wishes as they're sending you.

3. Your guests won't forget it

Everyone wants their best day to make an impact, but typical wedding meals are often forgettable. Organic catering, on the other hand, will create a taste experience your guests won't forget. From the absence of chemical agents to in-season farming, there are numerous factors that make organic food taste fresher and more delicious. Well-nourished plants yield ingredients with the optimum flavour, so you can be sure each and every guest will love their meal. And, since many of your guests may not have eaten organic food before, it's sure to leave an impression on them.

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